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If your company has construction chemicals, cosmetics, car equipment and accessories, consumer products, veterinary medicinal products, school and printing supplies and equipment, as well as chemicals used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, construction, textile, footwear, food, wood, metal and printing industry etc.

Laws change. Do you follow them?

1. The new conditions after the EU

Which new requirements must be met by your company after Croatia’s entry into the EU? Which laws and regulations state these requirements?

2. The obligation of making MSDS products

2. For which products is MSDS legally required and why are they required if you already have European MSDS? Why the MSDSs made before November, 2011 are not valid, how to correct them and do it cheaper? Who is required to submit valid MSDS in Croatia and how to achieve this?

3. Requirements for storage

3. Does your company’s warehouse meet the requirements prescribed by the latest regulations from 2014 and which are the latest regulations in this field?

4. Responsible persons for chemicals

4. Do you have to hire a person responsible for chemicals with a secondary or even higher education depending on the products stored or sold by your company and which piece of legislation refers to this? What changed in the legislation from 2013 to 2014?

5. Classification and differences between products

5. Why is liquid hand soap considered a cosmetic product, while antimicrobial liquid hand soap is considered a biocide and which documents are needed for both products? What is the cost of biocides registration and why should you be careful when importing mosquito repellents?

6. Control and Inspection

6. Which inspection is entitled to visit you and what can they look for? How to successfully handle these situations?

7. Registers

7. Which records are you required to keep, who should keep them, how to fill them out, to whom and when to send them, and who is entitled to see them?

8. Stickers

8. Which information should the label of detergents or aerosols contain but MSDS for the same product does not have to and which are the most common mistakes in labels and instructions? What is the legally prescribed size of pictograms in relation to the size of the label?


9. What does this REACH Directive have to do with your business anyway and what can you briefly say about REACH and CLP to your Director? What is a REACH registration number, where can it be found and what does its presence or absence mean for your product?

10. Penalties

10. What are the penalties and how to avoid them in the field of sanitary inspection and the Chemicals Act? How to get accurate and correct information in compliance with the law?


  • consulting on import, storage and use of chemical products and hazardous substances
  • making Material Safety Data Sheets, labels and instructions for chemical products in accordance with the latest European CLP Regulation and complying with the latest applicable laws of the Republic of Croatia
  • preparing studies for registration of biocidal products in the register of biocidal substances
  • preparing studies for obtaining licenses for import / sale / use of dangerous chemicals
  • education on legislation and obligations of importers / manufacturers / users of chemicals
  • representing clients during inspections
  • advising clients in addressing deficiencies found during the inspection

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