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  • Nataša Sedlar

    Nataša Sedlar

    dipl. ing. kem. teh., Director and Owner

    Professional, dynamic and positive, Ms. Sedlar has years of experience in the field of chemicals and aims to provide the best service and find solutions for each client.

    Having years of practical experience and constantly undergoing professional development and monitoring legislation, Ms. Sedlar offers a complete service related to activities connected to chemical products and ensuring their compliance with the law.

    Ms. Sedlar is an experienced organizer and a lecturer at seminars on the subject of REACH / CLP Regulation and the Chemicals Act. Over 200 companies in Croatia have attended her seminars.

    As a team leader, she inspires with her innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. She leads and teaches all of Atomium customers and employees aiming to achieve and provide high-quality services.

  • Natalija Devetak Vuga

    Natalija Devetak Vuga

    mag. ing. chem., Head of CLP/MSDS Department

    Another young Master of Chemical Engineering is a part of team Atomium..

    Reliable, fast and responsible, Ms. Devetak is in charge of preparing material safety data sheets, labels and instructions. She advises and assists in all matters related to the legal framework concerning chemical products.

    Ms. Devetak is a lecturer at the workshops on preparing MSDSs, labels, instructions and other necessary documentation. Known for her patient and professional approach, she teaches the participants how to prepare the documentation properly and in compliance with Croatian law, REACH and CLP Regulations.

    Her interactive approach and enthusiasm for teaching allow everybody to learn more easily, you could also apply for her workshop “MSDS- Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”

What do our clients say about us?

  • The quickest way to obtain MSDSs and get all the necessary information to enable the product to comply with the Croatian Chemicals Act.

    Vanja Avirović

    Vanja Avirović

    direktor Lafarge Cement Adria d.o.o.

  • They are a very agile young team dedicated to problem solving. We are more than satisfied with their approach to work. With them around you really can sleep peacefully.

    Andrija Soldo

    Andrija Soldo

    direktor West Trading Oil Company d.o.o.

  • Our products obtained all the necessary documentation, we learned about the news in Croatian and European laws and we have continued working with chemicals without any problems.

    Kuna Mladen

    Kuna Mladen

    direktor KUNA CORPORATION d.o.o.

  • I am very satisfied with the cooperation with Atomium and I have recommended it to other companies I work or collaborate with. I was particularly impressed with their promptness, availability and that they continuously informed me about everything.

    Nikola Šoštar

    Nikola Šoštar Stručnjak zaštite na radu Ivancica d.d.

  • Atomium nas je vodio kroz cijeli postupak registracije našeg proizvoda na hrvatskom tržištu. Preporučamo ih kao pouzdanog savjetnika za sva pitanja oko kemijskih proizvoda.

    Marin Sever

    Marin Sever

    direktor IKS VODA d.o.o.

  • In just three months Atomium prepared over 200 MSDSs, labels and instructions for us and registered all of them with the Croatian Institute for Toxicology and Antidoping. We are very satisfied with our cooperation.

    Renault Nissan Hrvatska d.o.o.

    Renault Nissan Hrvatska d.o.o.

We are one of the top 5% of companies in Croatia.

We own the A certificate of excellence.


We are dedicated to providing optimal service and finding solutions for each client!

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  • Atomium

    Do you want to be sure that you are following the law? We know what you need. We have a decade of experience in the areas of import, transport, storage and use of chemicals.

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